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网上订房,方便又实惠!TEL:(086)0733-8819999-80141 FAX:0733-8819998
  How to logging in Zhuzhou Huatian Hotel member?
  1、You can choose to logging in for reservation on line.
2、Knock on the new member logging in and accept the contract of Zhuzhou Huatian hotel, then you can register.
3、Fill in your information (Please attention on the uppercase and minuscule of the register mane .We hope that you can write your true data such as true name, telephone number and e mail. After all you can go next step computer will hinted that you have been a member already.
  How to reserve a room on line?
  1、It is said that you should be a member of Huatian hotel firstly.
2、The guests can choose a room in “room service” then knock on a “reserve application on line”or join into “member management center” to choose “reservation management”. You will see all kinds of room style one by one. At last you please knock on the room that you want, the room reservation page layout will come soon
3、You should fill on this page with “*” mark and pay attention to 2 points :
ⅰ.Please write your true name when you fill the “check in name”.
ⅱ.Please do not forget to fill in the confirmed quomodo when you choose “reservation confirm quomodo.
4、 Knock on the hand in after all.Computer will hint you and show the reservation member to you if you have any problem please phone 0086(733)8819999-80141.
5、At last you can check the information in“reservation management”. you can cancel your reservation in this page and after you check in your accounts will get scores.
  How to judge the reservation was not succeed? How can I do?
  1、If you not see your information in the “reservation manager” you are lost this reservation.
2、 If you want to deal with this problem immediately to get in touch with by telephone 0086(731)28819999-80141.
  What kind of credit card can be used in our hotel?
  The card of Chinese bank: Bank of China, Commercial Bank, Agriculture Bank, Construction bank.(Only these four kinds of cards can get authority from bank) The international card: JCB VISA AE MASTER

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